Handtool pre-school

Objective : Impart essential handtool skills for the beginner and intermediate woodworker for use in the KCWG and home shop.  Basic skills with chisel, saw and plane will be introduced by building two simple projects.

Scope : The KCWG Handtool Pre-School will introduce fundamentals for using common “Western” handtools.  These fundamentals will be reinforced through building of two simple projects.  Students are strongly encouraged to complete both projects and explore variations of these projects by building them outside of class.

Duration : Two sequential Saturdays. When class sessions are announced, they fill up fast.

 Class Size : 6 participants

 Cost :$60 @ General and Sawdust Maker membership level
$48 @ Woodworker Plus and higher membership level
Supplied materials – $25
(No refunds after 1st session)

Projects :

  • bench hook & shooting board
  • pencil box with rabbet joints, pegs and grooves

Projects will be completed using only handtools.  Material will be provided, some in rough state, other components pre-cut and roughly to size in the interest of limited class time.

Skills & Topics :

  • Sharpening of bevel edge tools & card scrapers
  • Project planning for handtool operations
  • Marking and measuring for handtool operations
  • Stock selection with an eye toward hand work
  • Stock preparation with handtools including

o    dealing with twist and cup
o    surface preparation and thicknessing
o    accurate cross-cutting and ripping of small parts – Joinery
o    rabbets
o    dados
o    grooves

  • Story sticks
  • Cut-to-fit versus cut-lists