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We have many new members and some older members who we would like to know more about. Please help us gather information about our members. The information will be used in deciding classes to offer, meeting programs, and special events. We will also be featuring a “member profile of the month” for the newsletter. You will not be profiled without your permission and an opportunity to review the profile. Please answer these questions as completely as possible.  If you have questions, contact Kevin Thomas.

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How long have you been a member of KC Woodworkers' Guild?

What is your day job? If retired, what kinds of work have you done?

Are you interested in volunteering at the guild to help in any of the following areas: events, membership, sponsorship, training, programs, assets, safety, or newsletter reporter?

Do you have a specialty in woodworking?

How many years have you been woodworking?

What is your favorite hand tool and why?

What is your favorite wood to use and why?

What is the most favorite project you have build why?

What is the best deal you have gotten on a woodworking tool?

What is your favorite Guild activity?

Can you offer a shop tip?

What safety tips can you share with us?

To complete your profile, send a photo of yourself and a photo of a favorite project to Kevin Thomas. Thank you for your participation.

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