Shop & Assets

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Erwin Kurtz, Assets Director

Storage at the shop:
If you glue up a panel and want to leave it overnight (24 hours), mark the project with your name, phone number, email, and the date. Check with the foreman and set the panel out of the way. If you do not return the next day, others will feel free to remove the clamps for their use.

Lockers are available for free. They are located across the hall from the kitchen. Follow the guidelines posted on the lockers. You may use your own padlock if you wish.

Project storage is available in the back room. A monthly fee is charged based on square feet. For complete information, see the Project_Storage_Policy

Our Open Shop Foremen:
(name under photo)
Craig ArnoldGary CreekScott Engleman
John JohnsonMike JonesDave Kraatz
Erwin KurtzRon LomaxChuck Saunders
Bud SchenkeJim StuartKevin Thomas
Rob YoungGary MielkeJack Gregg
Kara ParisBill Lintner
Pat BrownGary ForisterGary Strohm
Brad Swaters